Monday, September 24, 2012

F.O.T.D. and chit chat :)

Hello darling!

Well, if you're in England I'm sure you'll know it's been an awful day, weather-wise. This has made me immensely excited. Much to my friends annoyance as they've been moaning about their hair etc, and I've been giggling with glee at how much it feels like Christmas time :D.

Anyway, that's what has inspired today's blog, I only ever really wear bolder lips during the winter months. So, today when I woke up to the sound of rain and my Dad telling me to wrap up warm, I knew it was time to whack out the bolds!

Also, as it has been colder lately, I've switched to a foundation with more coverage; today it was the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation (in 303 true nude). Sticking with the good old Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer (in 2 light), as I have quite a few blemishes lately, I think changing my foundation has freaked out my skin :(.

On my eyes I just have Natural Collection eyeshadows, from the duo Mocha/Latte. Latte all over the lid and Mocha on the outer corner blended in. I also have two more Boots faves on my lashes: the No7 Excuisite Curl mascara on to make them pretty, and the Natural Collection WaterGuard mascara just over the top because of all the rain.

Finally, the area that feels most winter-y to me by far, is the lips. I am wearing a Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Plumfull (440). On its own this is a rather dark purple with red undertones, however as I was at college today, I felt it needed toning down a tiny bit, so over the top I have on a Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss in Sizzle (046), which is a very orangey-red to bring out the red, rather than purple tones.
*Just a little side note, the Revlon Lipstick in 046 matches perfectly with the Topshop Lipstick Infrared which I wore together yesterday :).

The one time of the year a 17 year old can be a teddy...
Hope you liked this blog post!
Love you lots and lots like Jelly Tots :)
Beth, xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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Sunday, September 09, 2012

chatty chatty chatty :)

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! I told a lil' porky pie and didn't start blogging again when I said I would. But now I am back at college so I shall try to get into more of a routine with this!

Now that's over and done with, this is going to be a bit of a chatty-blog to try and get back into the swing of it.

As I may have mentioned in a previous blog (lately there has been a lot of writing blog posts and then deleting them because they suck...) I have got a job, whoop whoop! At Boots, it's lovely, for once I am not broke :).

I have also just started my second year of college, currently I am doing two A Levels, and a Btec. If you're not in England/at college that probably means nothing to you! But the subjects are Psychology, History and Law :). Last year I also did English, but we are only allowed to carry on three subjects and English didn't make the cut.

*moment of cheesiness coming right now, you have been warned*

To be honest, I've been a bit out of this whole blogging malarkey recently, didn't really see the point in it. I adore reading blogs, I have for years, and I only made this blog because I figured it would be something to do. But then I started thinking "well what's the point if no one is reading it?" but now I understand that this is something I should do for me, not anyone else.

If, by any freak of nature you are reading this, and you're considering writing a blog, do it. I'm glad I have and I regret stopping for so long.

There are thousands of blogs out there and the chances of mine being one that anyone sees/actually enjoys are very slim. But the chances of this being something I can be proud of are significantly higher.


This is only a tiny blog, a micro-blog if you will (hehe images of micro pigs in my head now... eeek cuties).

So I shall go before this turns even more ramble-y...

I love you lots!
Cheerio, Beth xoxoxoxo

p.s. here are some cute piccies...
my baby Lola sleeping...
watching Momma work...
baby Lola and old man Ruben chillin'...