Thursday, February 28, 2013

lately I love #4

Hello lovely!
Time for another lately I love! Bit of a different one this time, in that it is not beauty related, it is however, fashion related... very loosely!
Comfy shoes!

my purple Uggs and lovely Topshop slippers! 

I know some of you fashion conscious ladies (and men) out there will be recoiling at the sight of my bright purple Uggs, and to you I say it feels like a hug for your feet! To be honest, when I just nip up to the shops, I don't care what I have on my feet, comfort is key.
With the weather being as poopey as it has been in England recently, very cold and bitter, looking nice has definitely kind of taken a back seat for me.
This has basically meant me living in either my slippers (brought by my lovely boyfriend) or my Uggs.
Are you a sucker for comfort or a slave to your heels?
I know I'll always lean towards comfort!
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxo
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer Review!

Hello there beautiful!
A while ago I posted a little S&G mini-haul and so here is the first review of those products. This was probably the product that I was most looking forward to trying, as I am always looking for the perfect concealer. Sadly I don't think my search is over with this product, it is good, but certainly does have its flaws.
Under-Eye Section (Step 1)-
It is quite drying under the eyes but with lots of moisturiser first it isn't too bad, just needs to be re-touched during the day. 
Blemishes Section (Step 2)-
This section does work wonders, and I am very impressed with it. Best concealer I've tried for blemishes as it doesn't seem to make them worse.
Finishing Powder (Step 3)- 
I haven't really used the powder, but I'm sure it's a handy extra for those with oily skin, however as my skin is so dry, I tend to shy away from powder.
I love that this product has been developed with such thought and consideration. My issue with most concealers is that they tend to be yellow toned (for blemishes or redness) and so using them under my eyes is pointless. 
But the fact alone that this product has a more pink toned section, really does balance out the dryness in my opinion.
I will repurchase this product when it runs out, I'm still holding out hope for a better under-eye concealer, but I don't think I'll find a better one for blemishes!
Hope you find this review useful! 
Have you had any similar experiences with the dryness of this product?
Or do you know of an amazing under-eye concealer that I should try?
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxo
p.s. you can pop over to this older post here to see pictures of the product :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"too young"

Hello lovely, this is a bit of an impromptu post about something that has got me rather... not angry, irritated I think is the right word. 
People saying "you're too young for XYZ". 
Obviously I don't mean things like drinking, or getting tattoos, things you literally can be too young for legally. I mean things that require emotional maturity, like being "in love", deciding what job you want, or getting married.
It frustrates me so much when you hear older people, saying "ooh 18 is too young to know what you want to do with your life" or "you can't possible be in love when you're only 15". 
How can anyone determine how many years you have to have been on this planet to make a decision so personal? Does that mean to say that a 5 year old can't love their mum or their best friend? I understand it is a different kind of love, but there are a million kinds of love so who's to say that there is a specific age at which you can experience different kinds. 
The same can be said for deciding what job you want to do, it's absurd to think that you know exactly how someone else feels about something so individual to them. How do you know that 10 year old isn't deadly serious about being a hairdresser, doctor or Prime Minister and willing to put the work in?
Okay I'll stop ranting now, I could go on for pages and pages but that would be fun for no one!
What do you think about it? Do you think you can be "too young" for certain things or is everyone different?
I really would be interested to know, leave your thoughts in the comments :) 
Lots and lots of love (hell yeah I'm only 18 but I love you!) Beth xoxoxoxo 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

lately I love #3

Hello there beautiful!
This lately I love is an old favourite lipstick of mine which is sadly nearing its end. 
From the Rimmel Moisture Renew range, Spotlight Beige. 

I have never been a massive fan of nude lips, simply because I have quite pigmented lips anyway and any nude colours just look wrong. But this colour, oh my word, it's gorgeous and I have fallen in love with it again.
It's just the right mix of pigmented but also sheer so it doesn't cover over any natural pigmentation of your lips, so avoiding the concealer lips look that really doesn't suit me.
It doesn't cling to dry areas, it has medium staying power I would say, it wont last all day if you eat and drink but you wont need to reapply every five minutes. 
I just plain love it.
All the Rimmel lip products are amazing in my opinion if I'm being honest, they get it spot on every time!
Do you have any favourites from the Rimmel lip products?
This was laying in my draw for so long unloved, I feel quite guilty now!
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxo

MUA Undressed

Hi there gorgeous!
This is going to be a little look at something I brought recently and got very excited about. An MUA eye pallet, which is supposed to be a dupe for the Naked palette I think, but seen as I'm broke 99% of the time I can't judge this (the new Undressed Me Too palette is supposed to be a dupe for the Naked 2).
But what I can judge, is how darn pretty all the colours are!
Usually in pallets I can see one or two colours that I will never use, however in this (and also the MUA Heaven and Earth palette) I can see me using every single one.
They range from barely there nudes to shimmery blacks, all can be built up to be more pigmented and it even comes with a suggestion on the back of how to use the colours.

swatched in order
I've used colours 2, 4 and 8 once already, for me and the boyf's Valentines date on Friday and their staying power was amazing, with only concealer underneath to act as a base/primer.
It's retailing for just £4, for 12 shades so around 33p for a really pigmented eye shadow isn't really something you can pass up! 
Have you tried this palette, or the newer one? 
Unfortunately my local Superdrug hasn't got it in stock yet, but I probably will pick it up, fallen in love with MUA palettes. 
Let me know if you'd like a face of the day with this palette so you can see them on the lid :) 
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I did some (Soap &) Glorious shopping!

Hi honey, see what I did there haha!
Recently I have fallen in love with the Soap and Glory Supercat Liner and my mum has fallen in love with the Soap and Glory mascara that I gave her. So it got me thinking, why have I not branched out into more of their cosmetics? Answer, because I'm daft.
So, today me and the boyfriend went into town for a bit of lunch, shopping and to give each other our Valentines presents, and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to nip into Boots before he got there and have a bit of a nosey!
I went to the advantage card kiosk (do you when you shop in Boots? you really should, I always thought it was a waste of time but there are some good vouchers on there) and there was a voucher for 300 points when you brought a Sexy Mother Pucker XL lipgloss. Suffice to say I needed no further encouragement. 
When I hurried on over to the Soap and Glory cosmetic section, I saw a 3 for 2 sign and I really was beside myself. 
Along with the Sexy Mother Pucker XL gloss, I picked up a gloss stick (I do love my lip products) and the Kick Ass Concealer, which I've looked at so many times but never took the plunge. 
*I am aware that the pictures aren't of the best quality, but 9pm isn't the best time for snapping pictures and this is just a mini-haul, not a review :)*

Have you tried any of the S&G cosmetics? 
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Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxo

Friday, February 15, 2013

Schwarzkopf Color Mask Review!

Hello gorgeous!
I did a thing I promised myself I wouldn't... I am sitting here with newly dyed hair!
The plan was to let my natural hair grow out, but the more I let it grow and the more I saw my natural colour, the more I realised it doesn't suit me! You can see in any of my pictures that I have dark eyebrows, but my natural hair colour is a mousey blonde and so when my roots come through, suffice to say I look a little daft. 
It does now seem like kind of a waste, I had a good few inches cut off my hair to help it grow but oh well, I like it now, regardless of the shortness.
So when I went into Superdrug and saw the new Schwarzkopf Color Mask for £3.99, I had to have it!

I used the colour 400 Dark Brown, and although you can't see much difference on camera, I can tell the difference. I feel like it's for one, got rid of the last little bit of ombre after having it cut out and it also got rid of the red tones left over from purple dye.
It only took one lot of this product, whereas usually, as I have thick hair, I need two. Although it only contained about four handfuls (bearing in mind I have baby hands), a little bit goes a long way.
I do like this form of hair dye, I think it's the easiest I've tried (usual bottle dyes and the XXL Shake It Up) as it's really thick and is basically like a hair mask to apply. I don't know if it's down to the dye or the after treatment that is included, but my hair doesn't feel as dry as it usually does when I've dyed it in the past. 

really really thick formula!  

Anyhoo, I do recommend this product if you like one of the colours, however from what I can see the colour range consists of blondes and browns, no spectacular colours. Which  now I think about it is unusual for Schwarzkopf, but it is a good product!
Have you used this product?
Do you like the good ol' bottle method of at home dye (I find it such a pain and always get in a mess!), are you a sucker for a gimmick like me, or are you more of a "only at the salon" kinda gal?
I'd love to know in the comments!
Lots and lots of love Beth xoxoxoxo
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Monday, February 11, 2013

first impressions count-- Effaclar Duo

Hello lovelies!
I've done a little bit of shopping recently *slaps wrists and sobs over spending-ban* and so I thought I'd give you my first impressions on some of the products I got!
First up is the much raved about La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo.

I'll be honest I wasn't planning on buying this, let alone two of them, but they were on offer! Which, I know is my justification for everything, but it was a really good deal. At Boots the whole range is on 2 for £15, and considering the product itself alone is around £13, it felt silly not to buy it!

When I first picked up the box (and located the English writing, which was a challenge!), and read what it claimed to do- "pores are purified, imperfections are reduced. Skin looks clearer and smoother...", I had to have it! Who wouldn't want any of that?

When I brought it, I wasn't sure how I would use it, what it would really do for me, or even why I really wanted it realistically.
But based on first impressions alone I am impressed. I've been using it before make-up and after taking my make-up off at night.
Although I can't see any major effects at the moment, it feels like it's doing good if you know what I mean? Sometimes I use products and it just feels like they are sitting on my skin and not doing much, but with this it really does feel like it's getting in there and having a nice effect.

So there we have it! 
I will be doing a updated review on this product when I've used it a little more!
Have you tried this product? 
Would you like to see more first impression posts? 
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Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxoxoxo
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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

lately I love.. #2

Hello gorgeous! This post is all about...
(I picked it up in orange, my justification being that I will be able to find it in my bag.. but really I just liked it!)
I wasn't sure I would like this product, just because it costs £10.99 (but I paid with my Boots Advantage Card points, so 1099 points) which is a blooming lot of money/points for essentially a hair brush!
But oh my, how wrong could I have been? Foolish Past-Beth! 
This little handful of joy (ooerr ;)) has really gone above and beyond my expectations and is well worth the money.
I have insanely damaged hair and whenever I brush my hair (wet or dry) it breaks like crazy, but I had just accepted this as "one of those things".
However now I realise that it's not, I can't pretend to know how it works (far too technical for me!) but the Tangle Teaser doesn't break my hair at all, doesn't pull and actually makes it a lot shinier. 
I highly recommend this, I don't know what I would do without it now and it is something I will repurchase if need be!
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Monday, February 04, 2013

Liebster Award #2!

Hello gorgeous! 
The lovely Angelica nominated me for another Liebster award! 

*you can see the first Liebster Award post here
(I have been nominated by @robyn2311 -twitter- also but at that time I wasn't following any other bloggers that I hadn't already nominated with less than 200 followers to tag so I just answered the questions on her blog as a comment)

11 facts! (becoming increasingly difficult to think of new ones!)
1. My eyes and my bum are my favourite things about myself
2. I have decided what I want as my next tattoo (blue rose on my foot)
3. I only really started enjoying make-up in the last year
4. I believe in ghosts 
5. I used to hate twitter with a passion but lately I've become obsessed
6. I'd love to be more adventurous with my make-up but I'm impatient and never have the time
7. Every year I go to Bournemouth with my family and it's one of the highlights of my year
8. I love train journeys when I'm alone, it makes me feel grown up
9. I bite my nails but have far too many nail varnishes
10. I love Domino's pizza
11. I'm agnostic 

Angelica's questions!
1.What do you blog about?
Beauty products and my not-so-interesting life
2.Why did you start writing a blog?
I'd been reading them for ages and just decided that there was no harm in giving it a go
3.How do you keep your blog post planning organized?
I don't... I know it's bad but I'm in my last year of college so that takes up most of my time, I tend to do lots of posts on a Monday though and release them through the week
4.What is your favorite beauty product?
Revlon ColorStay Foundation, I love it!
5.What are your favorite apps for the iphone? Or Your favorite website? 
I don't have an iphone, I'm an Android gal' but really I just use blogger, facebook, twitter, youtube, usual suspects. I do have a slight obsession with card game apps though 
6.What is your all time favorite food?
Cherries at the minute
7.What is your favorite color?
Changes all the time but lately I really like aqua blue
8.Did you design your blog If not who did? (Layout,Header, everything)
My blog has no fancy design, I don't understand technology enough to do that
9.What are you reading at the moment?
Wuthering Heights and lots of school books
10.What's your favorite place to buy clothes?
Charity (thrift) shops and Topshop
11.Where do you see your blog next year?
I don't know to be honest.. Hopefully with a lot higher quality posts and more of them seen as I won't be in education anymore. But as long as I keep posting I think I'll be happy with it :) 

Who I nominate!
I only have 3 nominations, but I figured because they are all amazing bloggers it was worth doing!
Chantel from Glitz & Gaming
-this lovely girl hasn't been blogging for a very long time but writes such lovely posts (and has gorgeous nails!) and I really think she deserves more followers! 
Steph from Luck Of The Golden Touch
-simply gorgeous, her blog always has amazing pictures and I just love the way she writes!
Kimberley from kimberley-xxx 
-absolutely gorgeous, lovely way of writing, and just a really really talented girl!

Questions for those nominated! 
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Which 3 blogs do you enjoy reading most?
3. What did you want to be when you were younger?
4. Do you think you'll always carry on blogging?
5. Favourite thing about blogging?
6. Least favourite thing about blogging?
7. Are you superstitious? 
8. Favourite drink?
9. Favourite animal?
10. Do you wear make-up everyday?
11. If you had to live your life by one quote what would it be?

Thank you again to Angelica for the nomination!
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxoxo
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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Paloma OOTN!

Hello lovely!
On the 25th of January me, my mum, step-dad and best friend all trooped off to see the gorgeous, amazing, talented, perfect Paloma Faith!
So I figured I would show you my outfit for the night... Then entertain you all with the horrific ordeal we went through! 

(around £20)
old shorts- Topshop
rocking the double denim ;)
mums jacket

Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express Mascara
Apocalips Galaxy

Now, onto the ordeal! 
The plan was, get there early, get the drinks in, see the concert, go out, get more drinks in
Didn't go like that though, we got there and sadly my friend was too ill to stay :( 
So I waited outside with her until her parents could pick her up..
Meaning sadly I missed the first two songs, but not too bad, the worst came when we left the concert, it had snowed, lots and lots, basically long story short, we got stuck! 
On a hill about 30 minutes walk (factoring in the fact that it was up a hill, icey and wearing less-than-practical shoes) from the house..
It honestly looked like we were going to have to sleep in the car, we couldn't just leave it in the middle of the road!
It was like something out of a comedy show, with cars just stopping and sliding all around us..
But eventually a Knight in Shining Armour Lad in a Muddy Land-rover came to our rescue and towed us home! 

Anyway, that's my lovely story of the Paloma Faith concert!
She was amazing regardless of the drama that surrounded it :)
Lots and lots of love Beth xoxoxoxo

lately I love... #1

Hello gorgeous!

This is going to (hopefully) be a little mini-series on my blog, quick posts featuring a product I have particularly been loving lately. I'm nowhere near organised enough to do monthly favourites (all my products are separated between 3 houses) and I feel like my review posts can be really long and so I don't post them as often as I'd like... Hopefully this will be a compromise! 

Anyway, this post is all about got2b 2sexy hairspray (from Schwarzkopf). 
I'm not a massive hair person, I don't really do much with my hair, but recently I had my hair cut pretty short for me and so I've been having to straighten it.. 

This means for once I have had to use hairspray and I have fallen in love. 

The hairspray holds all day, doesn't make my hair look like it's all been stuck into place, makes it so so shiny, and smells gorgeous. 

I tend to straighten/curl my hair, hairspray it, and then brush out the hairspray to give it more of a messy look.

From Boots it costs £4.07 for 300ml so not bad value for money (at the moment most products across the brand are on 2 for £5 so I have stocked up!)

Anyway, that's it for this post!
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