Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 days catch-up!

Hello there dear!

How are you doing? :)
This is my catch-up blog for the 7 things in 7 days post (thanks to Sprinkle of Glitter). Okay then I can feel this is going to be depressing if I've done none of them...

1. Organise
This has been done to some extent, I still have outstanding work to do for college... But it's now all in pretty piles on my floor...

2. Exercise
Well, just to make myself sound a little bit better, I'd just like to point out that I did say I wasn't going to predict miracles with this one! I have walked the doggies a lot more, so in my eyes I think I'm classing this one as a win, a little bit is better than nothing :).

3. Read
Not going to lie, this I have sort of, kind of, not really, but a little bit, done. I brought a new book the day after I posted the last blog, a book that I'd seen in a haul video, The Polaroid Book. Yes I am well aware that there is no reading involved in looking at pretty polaroid pictures, but I've got a new book that I lalalalalove so I'm going to say it counts ;).

4. Smart Shopping
I have only brought two things these past 7 days, both not needed, but both in celebration... I got a job! I had an interview on Wednesday, and I now have a proper weekend job. So I spoilt myself a little bit... *The book I just mentioned I'm not including in this, as it was a present from my lovely mother for the job and because I'm off to Poland for a few days next week and so I needed a new book for the plane.* I'm sorry, I know it's bad but they were both lip products, I know I know it's awful after everything I said about "Smart Shopping"... In my defence, they're soooo pretty! And technically they match so it's just good sense that if you get one you have to get the other... There will be a separate blog post on them soon to give you more info :)!

5. Stop with the snacks
I am happy to say that this little task was a full success! Healthy eating is definitely the way forward!

6. Charity trip
Done and done! Yaaaaay :).

7. Catch Ups
All done, it was blooming lovely and to be honest one of the bestest things to do when life is a bit meh, getting an old friend's advice and having a good ol' chat :).

So, that's the whole list (mostly) completed! Rather proud to be honest, seems like such little achievements but it's better than nothing!

Now, I've suddenly gone really really sad and "meh" so I'm off to have a loooong shower *that did say "bath" until I remembered the bath is broken, sad times) and look through my book of pretty pictures :).
Cheerio m'dear! Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxo

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Joining in with Sprinkle Of Glitter's 7 things for 7 days

Hey there honey,

Louise, the gorgeous genius behind these posts!
Like many other bloggers, I am going to be joining in with Sprinkle Of Glitter's "7 things for 7 days" posts.
If by some freak of nature you haven't seen these posts, they're linked above, definitely check them out and join in :).
It's basically just a list of 7 things to do over 7 days (or however long you fancy!) to motivate yourself into sticking with a goal. For someone as useless as me with sticking to one objective, let alone 7, publishing them onto the internet might give me a good kick up the bottom!
Here goes...

1. Organise-
I have zero organisational skills, whether it's home or college. And because of where I am in life at the minute, I'm meant to be organising open days for uni, massive amounts of coursework and preparations for next year. So, this week I'm going to start getting everything organised. I'm sitting just surrounded by papers that I have no idea what subject they are for, but not for long!

2. Exercise-
Much like Louise, I'm not going to be unrealistic and claim that I'll get amazingly fit within the next week. But I can promise to do a little bit more, I can sense that this will be a reoccurring item on these lists. This week (what's left of it) I will do more running, take the dogs out on longer walks and generally not be such a lazy bum!

3. Read-
The subjects that I'm doing at college, do mean that I have to do a stupid amount of reading. So much so that I have stopped reading for pleasure. So this week I want to just start a new book for fun, I have lots and lots lined up, all waiting. I shall pick one tonight and start reading!

4. Smart Shopping-
I do love shopping, and I'll admit when I first wrote this list, item no.4 was "Stop Shopping". However that is just not going to happen... I know, I know that's awful but baby steps people, baby steps. I've changed it to "Smart Shopping", just so that I shop for things that I know I will use a lot, that I've researched first (make-up etc.), clothes that I know I will wear and things that are worth the money!

5. Stop With The Snacks-
This links in with no.2 on my list, I'm not expecting to turn into a size 8 over night, I'm not an idiot that will never happen! But just feeling healthier in myself would suit me just fine. I'm not going to ask for the stars and start a diet, I hate the things, too many restrictions. However I do know that the meals that I eat (as a vegetarian) are pretty darn healthy. So just stopping snacking so blooming much would make me feel a lot better!

6. Charity Trip-
Again, linked in with no.1, I've recently had a clear out of my clothes and lots of them went to charity. Giving things to charity hardly makes me Mother Theresa, but it does make me feel like I'm doing some good! I'm aiming this week, to do the same with all my old books and surely lugging those up to the shops will count as some exercise ;)!

7. Catch Ups-
There's a few of my friends that I've lost touch with, so this is a nice goal for this week. Just catch up with a few of them, I miss them rather a lot and just a cuppa coffee and a chat, I know will make me feel a lot happier. Short 'n' sweet!

If you like the idea of this do pop over to Louise's blog and join in...

Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxo

my evening of procrastination

Hello honey pie!
This is going to be a uber uber speedy blog today, as I'm meant to be writing about the Irish Home Rule Movement, ahh procrastination is amazing isn't it!
So here it is, my mini blog of procrastination, where I tell you how to procrastinate like a pro!

what my evening has consisted of...
Today I've been on a college outing of sorts, as I do a Law Btec along with my A Levels, I have to actually spend some time in a court, so that's what we did. I'll tell you something, it is sooooo dull. Don't get me wrong I love Law, but court is so horrid, telly is mean and makes you think it'll be all exciting. Take it from me, telly lies!
When I got home, I felt I'd really earned a bit of a treat, so that's exactly what I got.
I've had a shower, used up all the lovely bath products my mum had laying around (shhh...), and then started my own little pampering sesh from the comfort of my bed!

Firstly I used Johnson's face care dreamy skin night face wipes- ooft they are lush! After that had got rid of all the yucky make-up off my face, I used Simple moisturising facial wash, followed by the purifying cleansing lotion. So my face was as smooth as a ickle baba's bottom!

Then comes the loooovely bit, Superdrug's own Cooling Face Mask, it smells like you want to eat it, provided of course that you like cucumbers. And that's how I'm sitting now, typing this up on my pink net book, staring blankly at a book about the Irish Home Rule Movement, I can honestly say I know nothing of Ireland apart from Dublin and Guinness. Ooooh I have no hope of getting any work done tonight...

But, if you're in the same situation as me at the moment, tell yourself what I constantly tell myself. If you don't make yourself relaxed and at ease, you'll never be able to do any work anyway, you'll be too tense and stressed out for anything to get done to the standard it should be!

I think that's what I'll tell my History teacher when she asks for this work in... "Sorry Miss I couldn't do the work, I was far too tense and I ran out of face masks!". I'm sure she'll understand ;).

That's it from me folks, just nipping in to say don't procrastinate! Unless you have a totally valid excuse like me...
Lots and lots of love! Beth xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Sunday, June 17, 2012

review of Herbal Essences hair mask

Hello darling,

*I'm writing this post on the same day as my last one (the Johnson's review), I'm on fire! So proud right now :D*

Why does everyone do an introduction saying "this blog is going to be about..." when it's right there in the title? Hmmm... Sorry little random tangent there :).
This is a review of one of the Herbal Essences hair masks, specifically "Hello Hydration" ;) hope you enjoy!

you can see where I've scooped out the product...
looks a bit gross but you can see it's been loved!
The whole reason I brought this hair mask was because recently I've killed my hair with quite a lot of dye. You can read more about the whole horrific ordeal if you like, I wrote a blog post (a hair raising experience) on it. Back to the point, basically after this my hair was horrible and dry so some definite TLC was needed.

I didn't pick this product myself, I had been complaining about the state of my hair to my Dad and he very very kindly brought this back for me from Co-Op I think. I don't think it is a product I'd of gone to if I had been shopping myself, nothing against the brand or anything, just that it smells like coconut which would immediately put me right off.

Just the slightest smell of coconut normally makes me feel physically ill, not a very nice sentence to be telling you, but true. Saying that though, I do think that this product smells in-bloomin'-credible. So if you've been avoiding it because you don't like coconut, give it a sniff next time you walk past it, if I'm wrong then sorry, no money wasted, but if you agree, buybuybuy!

Okay then, onto the actual product and if it's any good. In a word, yes! My hair was, as I'm sure you can imagine, so dry it would've been a relief to go to the Sahara. I know this isn't gonna sound like a good thing, and trust me at first I didn't think it was, but now my hair gets icky and greasy. Which, although not exactly a plus, does mean that my hair is producing good cleaning stuff and isn't as dry! I'm not saying that this product made my hair go greasy immediately. I just mean that instead of washing it, and it being just horrid and straw-like until I washed and conditioned the crap out of it again, it actually has the ability to get greasy if I don't wash it say, every two days. 

It seems a bit premature to give this product all of the credit, however in the past my hair has taken a helluva lot longer to get back to this condition, and the only thing that I've done any differently has been this wonderful little hair mask.

As it's a hair mask, and not just a conditioner, it's usually suggested to only use it say, once a week, so that your hair doesn't get overly greasy. I do agree with this and recommend not doing it too often, if your hair is just naturally dry. On the other hand, if, like me, you're after a hair mask because you've dyed your hair a lot, or use a lot of heat on it (basically just if you need a little burst of treatment to get it back into a regular condition...) then just use it as much as you feel necessary. Personally at the moment I'm using it with every wash, however mostly concentrating on the lengths and ends, rather than the roots and not using an actual conditioner. Soon though I will be moving to just using it once a week, once I can be sure that my hair will stay in this condition.

Regardless of this though, I do recommend this product to everyone out there. I know there are other products in this range for other hair problems, like split ends and one for making your hair smoother, so whatever your hair care nightmare (oooh rhymes!) is, I'm sure you'll be able to find something.

Just a little side-note, I've tried to find this product to link it for you, however I can't find the right one; "Hello Hydration". But I've seen this product in supermarkets and drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug, so if you fancy it, I'd just keep your eyes peeled :).

I think that's everything!
I do hope you've found this helpful, sorry I couldn't link it but shhh loads of places sell Herbal Essences so it shouldn't be hard to get hold of.
Love you lots and lots like jelly tots! Beth, xoxo

review of Johnson's exfoliating wash

Hello gorgeous!

As promised, here is a beauty-type blog post again! *yayayayayayayayayay the crowd goes wild!*
A review of a product that I brought about 3 months ago and have been trying out for a blooming long time, Johnson's face care, gentle exfoliating wash

Now, first impressions of this product weren't good I'll be honest, I hated it. It's advertised as "gentle" and I'm pretty sure the way they adapted a regular exfoliating wash to be marketed as "gentle" was make the formula itself a bit more cream-y and reduce the size of the exfoliating beads, the beads really are tiny, they do seem like they won't work. When I first used it, for the first 2 weeks roughly, it just hurt like a naughty word and felt like I was rubbing sand on my face, not something I've ever associated with being "gentle" I'm sure you'll agree.

Although it doesn't seem like it, after the first few weeks I did grow to love this product. I'm not sure why on earth it hurt that much to start off with, maybe I just didn't use enough water with it, or my skin had to adapt to it, but it has become one of my favourite products. It works wonders protecting against spots, I tend to get them when I don't use a powerful enough wash, however since I've used this product I've hardly had any break-outs. &since it stopped hurting, it does leave your face feeling moisturised, not stripped like some harsher products.

I do recommend the hell out of this product, it does pretty much everything you'd want in an exfoliating wash. Seen as in Boots it's only £3.09 you really can't go wrong. 

However, if you have super sensitive skin, then I would say maybe don't go for this, by all means don't be put off by Johnson's altogether, it is an amazing brand. Personally my skin isn't that sensitive, and it did really hurt to begin with, when using this specific product. If you fancy giving it ago though and think that your skin won't be too damaged by it, then do, it's hardly a massive expense spared if it doesn't work out for you!

That's everything I think! Hope you found this helpful honey :)
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxo

Saturday, June 16, 2012

my little list for a happier you :')

Hello m'dear,

This is the second blog that I'm writing today, it's been a blooming awful day. One of those where nothing bad has really happened, everyone around me has just been a bit blergh, and so now I'm a bit blergh...
Anyway, I had begun to write a "What's In My Make-up Bag" type blog, but I was rambling far far too much and it wasn't going very well. So lets scrap that idea.
So here goes the second attempt, sorry this isn't even a little bit planned but here's my top tips for keeping yourself a little tiny bit happier when you've had a bit of an iffy day....

1.Get the kettle on love!
Okay, so the first thing on my list of "making myself happy" activities (oh god this sounds like a very very different post now, I mean in a completely PG way...) is quite simply get a warm drink. Be it coffee, tea, hot chocolate, one of those weird teas that my parents like that smell like candles *herbal tea, that's the word, I feel silly for not remembering that now...*. I'm not sure how scientifically true it is, I think it was some girly magazine that I read it in, but it said that if your body is physically warm when you're on a date with someone (like if you go and get coffee, ya see where I'm going with this theory?) then you're more likely to connect with them, because you'll associate the physical warmth with warmth towards them! So, my theory, and it does work for me, is that if I'm sad, I'll get myself all toasty warm, and then all the bag negative thoughts don't seem so bad! Very British but a good cuppa tea really does help!

2. Chill!
Second on my list, mainly useful if you've had a horrible day at work/school/anywhere outside of the house where you've had to get all (or partially) dolled up, is just a good old fashioned face mask. My personal favourites are Superdrug's own Mud Masks, they come in tube-full amounts rather than little packets which I do love! A brilliant excuse to scrape your hair back, take off all your make-up with your fave cleanser, get into some joggers and a hoodie and listen to soothing music (or in my case Kill The Director by The Wombats on repeat :D). There's nothing more satisfying than not caring how you look and laying on the sofa in joggers.

3. Hey there pretty lady!
Right then, completely contradicting myself here but, here's an alternative if you don't want to look like you've made no effort and slob around for a few hours. This tends to work for me if I'm just about getting over an illness; get all dolled up! You don't have to go out, you don't have to be doing for someone special, just make yourself look as gorgeous as you want to. Try out that bright pink lipstick you've been dying to but have been a bit scared how it will look, if it looks horrific you're only inside the house, who's going to know? ;)

4. I'll make the popcorn!
This is now back to the whole slobbing around idea, it is a very obvious one, Disney/cheesy/girly/funny/just plain bad movies (or telly of course), whatever floats your boat. My personal favourites are Jeremy Kyle, Hercules, Hancock, Breakfast Club and Clueless. This one doesn't really need to be said to be honest, but I figured for the sake of being thorough I should include it!

5. Run girl run!
Next is for more of a, not wanting to wallow, wanting to give that nasty sadness a kick up the bottom! And the item on my list for that kind of mood is short, sweet and simple, get on your joggers (gosh that seems to be my answer to everything, I don't wear them that often I promise!) and go for a ickle run. Not one so massive that you want to sleep straight after and ache in the morning, just one big enough to get your endorphins jumping about your body and make up for the fact that you've been a slob and laid on the sofa with a face mask on watching crappy films...

6. Tidy room, tidy mind!
Along the whole, kicking sadness in the behind train of thought, one thing that helps me a helluva lot is just tidying up my room, sorting out my bag, cleaning out old make-up, taking stuff to charity, selling it on Ebay. Basically get rid of all your old junk, clear out negativity from your room and it will go from your mind :). Cheesy but true.

7. Happy happy people!
I'm really sorry, this blog was meant to be finished and posted last night when I started it, however quite conveniently Louise (Sprinkleofglitter) and Zoe (Zoella), both Youtubers and bloggers, did a Blogtv so I got a little distracted. However it does provide quite a good little link to my next suggestion. Surround yourself by people that make you happy be it people on telly, YouTube, friends, family. Anyone who makes you smile, for me that's my best friend, my Mum and Dad, and lots of different YouTubers :D! Very specifically for this, it only works for me if they aren't pushy people that will try to cheer you up, it needs to be those people that automatically make you smile.

8. Window shopper!
Now this one depends very much on you, it does involve a shopping trip. I'm hardly the richest girl out there, I would say I am certainly broke for the vast majority of my life, however I find great joy in window shopping. *If you don't please do just skip to the next paragraph!* For me, wandering around clothes shops, book shops, make-up shops, jewellery shops, having no intention of buying anything is fine. I'm not saying go and take away the shop assistants time asking questions when you have no intention of buying a product or item. But strolling around Boots swatching pretty new colours or walking around Waterstones reading the back of 10000 books, is a really really calming activity. I know some people would get saddened by this because they aren't going to buy any of the pretty or interesting things, but I prefer to think of it was forward planning for a time when I actually do have money! This also works just as well if you've already completed the other tips on this list and you're laying in bed with a laptop, no make-up on, and just making wish-lists on Ebay and Topshop...

9. Soak in the scenery!
Kind of connected to no.5 on this list, go for a walk. I'm sure this will get your endorphins pumping a little bit but that's not the point, the point is to clear your head. It's all very well doing every other item on this list, they will help cheer you up. But there's nothing like going for a walk, when you're in the mood of just blergh and you don't know why, a walk is just the thing to put everything into perspective.

10. So long Mr Rut, I won't be seeing you any time soon!
This final tip is one that works wonders for me every time, and one that I'm doing right now in fact. I've been in a bit of a rut lately, so I started this blog. This tip is just to start something new, doesn't have to be skydiving or skiing. Could be re-painting your room, making a collage from bits of magazines (that is awfully fun...), learning to bake, starting a blog. Do something, I'm clearly not knocking the idea of mooching around in your scruffiest clothes (as several of these tips have shown), but when you're done doing that, do something new.

Well then chick, I do hope at least one of these has helped you, if you've got any little tips I'd be very very keen to hear them! I do now have a Twitter for this blog (@LookLifeBeauty) so tweet me, leave a comment :)

lots and lots of love, keep smiling xoxoxoxoxox

p.s. I will do a beauty type post soon, promise :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

"they died serving their country, we will remember them"

Hello there honey,

Just a quick one today, I've been meaning to do this blog for a few days now however I got a little caught up with school work, but I'm finally sitting down to do it!

A few days ago me, my nan and my little sister took a trip to the National Memorial Arboretum. Not a place I've ever really had a desire to visit if I'm being honest, as I know zilch about any of the wars.. Which is a bad thing for someone who has done GCSE history and is currently doing A level history to admit.. But it really is an amazing place.

The area I was mainly moved by, apart from the obvious main area, was "Shot at Dawn", a memorial for the 346 British and Commonwealth soldiers executed for cowardice and desertion during WWI.

In particular Harry Farr's story, a 23 year old man who was shot for supposed "cowardice". He was forced to return to the front line, he had previously suffered from shell shock and was executed when he refused to go over the top.. saying "I just cannot go on". Because he was executed, his military pension was stopped and his wife and daughter were forced out of their home. A 14 year legal battle on the part of Mrs Gertrude Harris (Private Harry Farr's daughter) finally ended with her father being granted a posthumous pardon. For me, it just drew attention to the massive difference between the army then, and the army now. The situations and attitudes towards the soldiers then, and they still all fought for us, it really is a humbling thought.

It really put everything into perspective when you walk through this amazing place and see all the names of all the people that gave their lives for us, for everyone. I personally don't believe in war, I feel that there is never an excuse for a situation to end with war, as no one really wins because someone will always get hurt. However walking through and realising that every name had a mother, a father, children, siblings or a partner, friends and family that loved them. You can't help but feel an overwhelming mix of sympathy for the families, gratitude for the brave men and women and responsibility to make this country something that they would be proud of.

The Memorial Arboretum is free to enter, as it runs on donations, parking is cheap at £2 for 2 hours and £3 for more when we went. I do suggest that you spend the extra pound and stay for as long as possible, there is really is an amazing amount to see.

walking to the memorial.
11:11 on the 11 of November, the light from the sun shines though this gap..
that's some pretty cool architecture. 

we will remember them today, tomorrow, forever. 

shot at dawn.

finally it wasn't only Harry Farr who had been given a pardon.

shot at dawn.

latest names added to the memorial of those who have died on duty.

Thanks for reading, when you next have a free day, don't be so tempted to go shopping, you can do that after you give the National Memorial Arboretum a visit, it will be well worth it. 
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxoxoxoxo

Friday, June 08, 2012

a little haul for you :)

Hello there darlings!
Yesterday I did a cheeky bit of shopping that I thought I would share my finds with all you lovely bloggy people out there! The main reason for my sudden need to shop, more than usual I mean, was because I recently had a mahoosive clear out of all my clothes, three black bags altogether shipped off to charity. After this lovely clear out, I discovered that pretty much all of my wardrobe is made up of black, nude, cream or grey, not a very exciting sight I think you'll all agree!

So, as I'm sure you can guess the image in my mind when I headed off to the shops (the Westfield in Derby if you're interested) was "bright colours" or at least something with a real colour on it. Sadly as you're about to see, I didn't follow this brief... Not one little bit!

This is a rather long blog post, so here's a little overview of everything, and if you're interested in any of the items, feel free to carry on reading!

The first shop that I actually found something I liked in, was good ol' Dorothy Perkins. Now I'm not sure if I'm right in saying this so don't hold me to it, but it does seem that whenever I go in (and trust me that is a lot as there is one a two minute walk away from my house, not very healthy for my bank account but very fun!) there is some form of sale on jewellery. My two gorgeous little bargains from there were; a turquoise and gold cross necklace, with a gold chain, and a cutesy little pastel pink and white spotted bow for hair, or to be used as a broach. Both were only £2 and both fully priced were £6.50, a very very good saving, so of course I had to buy them, it would've been poor sense not to ;). Not to mention the fact that these items were the only ones with colour on that I brought.. Oh well, it's all pretty in my eyes!

After a sneaky coffee and scone (shhhh....) at Marks and Sparks, we headed over to Debenhams, not usually a shop that I go into to be honest, but after the depressing sight of my colourless wardrobe I really was prepared to try out everywhere! And it's a blooming good job I did, it was there that I found the love of my life.. or at least my love for the next few weeks anyway! It is of course, a pair of shoes, but not any old shoes, the cutest most perfect shoes I've ever laid my eyes on. At a tiny 5ft2" I really should be a heels gal, but they hurt my feet far too much, I truly think I was destined to be small. Right, back to the bestest shoes ever, they're black, loafer style flats with black diamantes near the toe, doesn't sound that amazing I'll admit, but they're so simply pretty that I just know I shall wear them to death. And at only £20 I'm pretty sure I shall be going back and getting a grey pair!
Right then, I've just tried to find these wonderful ickle shoes online to link them for you all, however I can't find them anywhere! They're by the brand "Head over Heels" and this is the closest I can find, however in the shop I got mine for £20 (I've just double checked the receipt) and there was also a pair in grey, so if you fancy a pair, I can't suggest anything other than nipping in and having a look!

It wouldn't have been a proper shopping trip without popping into Boots, full of shiny new make-up things for me to play with. However it was a very tame visit to be honest, I only brought one thing :(. Yet another Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, Strawberry Shortcake, a gorgeous baby/pastel-y pink colour. It's currently snuggled along with it's sisters in my make-up bag; Tutti Frutti, Candy Apple and Cotton Candy. If you can't tell, I am in love with these products and I'm slowly but surely working my way through owning all of them, so far I have every one that is sold in my local Boots! If you're reading this and you haven't tried them, why are you sitting reading this?! Run to your nearest Boots, Superdrug, anything and buy one!

Once I had finished staring at all the other pretty colours in Boots, we moved on to the final shop, Vero Moda. Again, this isn't a shop that a frequent that often, it's one of those that I walk past and think "ooh that's pretty..." but to be quite honest with you everything in it has always looked a little too pricey for my liking! But, having said that I did end up buying two items from there, both tops, both on sale and both just as colourless as everything else in my wardrobe! The first item, a cream coloured top with a gold studded collar, in my opinion the exact right mix of quirky and girly, reduced from £25 to £12.

Secondly, and now that I'm looking at them both, pretty much the exact same colour, a slightly sheer baggy/slouchy, bat wing top, not actually sure how much it was originally, but I got it for a measly £10. It's a pretty basic top to be honest but I think I'll get a lot of use out of it, even if it is nothing like what I went for, but hey in my life nothing goes to plan!

Whew, that was awfully long wasn't it? Sorry! I do hope you've seen something you like, and if it was one of the many things I brought on sale (what? I'm not cheap really...) that you are still in time to get it yourself. Oh and don't forget, if you haven't checked out Revlon Lip Butters, where have you been? Go get one now, I won't be doing a review because it seems pointless, every review seems to say the same thing and I agree. I don't like lip glosses but I love love love them. So off you go, buy some :)
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxoxoxoxo.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

a hair raising experience.

Well then I'm sad to say today's blog isn't going to be as jolly as I would have hoped, and it is infact regarding hair if you hadn't already guessed.

My hair has always, since i first dyed it, been a bit of a disaster zone, with massive amounts of colour build up. I understand this is my own fault, I know, I know but to be honest I've always been a bit obsessed with how amazing dying your hair is, one little bottle of magic liquid and you look a completely different person!

Anyhow, I'm getting off the subject here, before yesterdays experience, my hair was brown, with touches of orange and red with really blatant (blond, my natural colour) roots, I looked awful. Now, I've used "colourB4" twice in my life, firstly the normal strength and then roughly a year later, as there was even more build up again, I used the stronger strength. Both times that I used this product it just sent my hair orange, and I don't even mean that I looked ginger, it was ORANGE. The first time I really didn't understand this as I only ever dyed my hair darker, therefore there shouldn't have been any bleach, however I'm the first to admit that I understand none of how this technical hair stuff works, if you know, please do enlighten me.

Well, I felt it was time to finally strip my hair, of all this crap that I've put into it over the past 4 years of dying it, so I went down to Boots and brought "Decolour Hair Colour Stripper ". I must admit I was suspicious when I first picked up this product, as it says right on the box, Developed By Scott Cornwall, the "genius" behind ColourB4, however I figured this would be fine seen as it was a stripper and not a colour remover.

How wrong could one person be, not much more wrong than me is the answer to that. Right then, down to business, if you've used a stripper (feels wrong writing that on the interwebs hehe) before and it's been fine then I'm sure this is fine product. Easy to put on, easy to mix together, the power went a little bit everywhere when tipping into the bottle but that may just be because of my general messiness. But, the problem became apparent when I looked at my hair just before washing the dye off. The very top of my hair, was platinum blond, and the rest of it, you guessed it, was orange. This I really really don't understand, when applying the product the instructions did warn that the roots develop faster and so to do them last, which I did. It wasn't even as if it was just my roots that caused the colour change, it was a good inch and a half of blondness, my roots, although obvious were only roughly a cm. You know the feeling of just when everything that could possibly go wrong does, and you just can't help but laugh, well I spent a good 30 minutes drying my hair off and just laughing in the mirror.

orangeyorange hair

Understandably I ran as fast as my ickle legs could carry my down to the nearest Boots (after putting my hair up in a messy bun to attempt and hide the ridiculous colour change), honestly that shop is my life saver. As I was stood staring in dismay at the many many hair dyes, as I really didn't want to dye my hair anymore, but c'mon I've got to go back to college next week, that was just not an option. So, I thought back to the last hair dye that I used that actually dyed all my hair one colour, and looked half decent, purple, maybe not the most sensible colour in the world but at the moment in time I really would just settle for having my hair all one colour without major patches anymore.

hiding make-up free face.. but looovely one coloured hair!

So, I used the Live Color XXL, Shake It Up Colour Foam, in 499 Violet Berry Burst if you're wondering. I had never used this formula before, although that make in particular is the only that has worked properly for me, and actually does leave my hair in relatively nice condition, considering I've just dyed the hell out of it. Literally the only thing I can complain about with regards to this product, is the fact that it's very messy, very very messy, as it's a foam that you just scoop out of the Tango Ice Blast type container. Having said this though, my hair is mostly back to a full colour, slight hints of orange are showing to be honest, but I can definitely cope with this state for a while.

Just a little side note, I usually need two sets of hair dye to cover all of my hair, as it's rather long and relatively thick, so I did buy two of the Live Color XXL dyes. But surprisingly I only needed one and all of my hair was covered.

That's all I think m'dears!
Cheerio until next time, love you lots!

p.s. sorry that the pictures are very bad, but I hadn't planned on writing a blog post about this if I'm being honest, little bit of an impulsive one this.
p.p.s there are no pictures for the products themselves as if you follow the links then they are shown there.