Thursday, April 18, 2013

battle of the brows!

Filling in my brows is something I have only recently started doing, as my brows are so unruly and sparse at the same time they are often neglected as they just seem impossible to make look presentable! Over the last few months I have accumulated 3 drugstore brow pencils, Eylure, No7 and Maybelline, so I thought it would be a good idea to do a post comparing them! As I mentioned, they are all drugstore, all relatively cheap, all for my dark brown brows and all came with a spooley on one end.
No7. (£6.50) Pros||Great colour match (in shade Brown), no smudging, no flaking, spooley on the end isn't too hard or brittle Cons||Spooley fell off within one use, not the best colour pay off
Eylure (£5.39) Pros||Good colour match (shade 2), good colour pay off, pencil not too soft or too hard, soft spooley Cons||No lid on the spooley end so can get dirty in make-up bag
Maybelline (£2.99) Pros||Honestly the only positive I can find with this product is that it was really cheap! Cons||Awful to sharpen, runs down so so easily, not great colour pay off, feels waxy on the brows 
Summary time!
No7.- A good brow pencil and seen as No7. is usually on some form of offer I think it's worth giving a look! Eylure- I love this product and it's now got it's permanent place in my make-up bag! Maybelline- Unless you desperately need a brow pencil and can't get your hands on any others, I wouldn't recommend this!
Hope some of you found this useful!
Do you use brow pencils or are you more of a shadow lover? 
I think I'm just too impatient to use a shadow!
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxoxo

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  1. I use the Rimmel brow pencil first, and thatsmainly to get a neat end on my brows and then I find if I use a primer on my brows and then fill them with eyeshadow they look so much more natural than if I were to draw them on, you really should try it. As long as you have a colour that matches or is very close to matching and an angled brush you will be fine!