Wednesday, May 23, 2012

honey I'm home!

Hello sweetheart, how are you? Enjoying the sun?
If you're in the UK (as I am) then I'm sure you're just as happy as everyone else because of this lovely lovely sun that's appeared out of nowhere!

To be honest there's no real plan for today's blog, I just thought I'd tell you about my day off from college... Which was meant to be used for revision but shhh, if you don't tell I won't...

Anyway, I spent my day with my lovely mother, going from an auction (Bamfords if you're interested), to shopping and finally to having lunch. I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to auctions, but it was very very fun! I won't deny that sitting in a cold room looking outside at the lovely sun was a little depressing at some points in between bids, but there is nothing more exciting than wandering round a room with the idea in mind that you have to fight off strangers to get the items that you want... Kind of like the start of January sales, but with less violence!

super super gorgeous set that I fell in love with
looks like they should be in a wise old man's study!

We did eventually get bored of waiting for our lots to come around, and so left some absentee bids in the hope we would get some, moving on to a more definite form of shopping, Primark! After this sudden burst of gorgeous weather I was left feeling far too unprepared, with no flip flops, no hats, no sunglasses, nothing! So it was good ol' Primarni to the rescue, managing to get two pairs of sunnies, one pair of shoes and a shrug for under £10, a definite win in my book!

Onto the final part of our day, lunch, omnomnom. We went to one our favourite places to eat, the Quad in Derby, sitting out in the sun with a drink and nachos, lovely end to a lovely day out with mother!

So, that was my day in the sun, how was yours?

Lots and lots of love, Beth.

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