Thursday, June 07, 2012

a hair raising experience.

Well then I'm sad to say today's blog isn't going to be as jolly as I would have hoped, and it is infact regarding hair if you hadn't already guessed.

My hair has always, since i first dyed it, been a bit of a disaster zone, with massive amounts of colour build up. I understand this is my own fault, I know, I know but to be honest I've always been a bit obsessed with how amazing dying your hair is, one little bottle of magic liquid and you look a completely different person!

Anyhow, I'm getting off the subject here, before yesterdays experience, my hair was brown, with touches of orange and red with really blatant (blond, my natural colour) roots, I looked awful. Now, I've used "colourB4" twice in my life, firstly the normal strength and then roughly a year later, as there was even more build up again, I used the stronger strength. Both times that I used this product it just sent my hair orange, and I don't even mean that I looked ginger, it was ORANGE. The first time I really didn't understand this as I only ever dyed my hair darker, therefore there shouldn't have been any bleach, however I'm the first to admit that I understand none of how this technical hair stuff works, if you know, please do enlighten me.

Well, I felt it was time to finally strip my hair, of all this crap that I've put into it over the past 4 years of dying it, so I went down to Boots and brought "Decolour Hair Colour Stripper ". I must admit I was suspicious when I first picked up this product, as it says right on the box, Developed By Scott Cornwall, the "genius" behind ColourB4, however I figured this would be fine seen as it was a stripper and not a colour remover.

How wrong could one person be, not much more wrong than me is the answer to that. Right then, down to business, if you've used a stripper (feels wrong writing that on the interwebs hehe) before and it's been fine then I'm sure this is fine product. Easy to put on, easy to mix together, the power went a little bit everywhere when tipping into the bottle but that may just be because of my general messiness. But, the problem became apparent when I looked at my hair just before washing the dye off. The very top of my hair, was platinum blond, and the rest of it, you guessed it, was orange. This I really really don't understand, when applying the product the instructions did warn that the roots develop faster and so to do them last, which I did. It wasn't even as if it was just my roots that caused the colour change, it was a good inch and a half of blondness, my roots, although obvious were only roughly a cm. You know the feeling of just when everything that could possibly go wrong does, and you just can't help but laugh, well I spent a good 30 minutes drying my hair off and just laughing in the mirror.

orangeyorange hair

Understandably I ran as fast as my ickle legs could carry my down to the nearest Boots (after putting my hair up in a messy bun to attempt and hide the ridiculous colour change), honestly that shop is my life saver. As I was stood staring in dismay at the many many hair dyes, as I really didn't want to dye my hair anymore, but c'mon I've got to go back to college next week, that was just not an option. So, I thought back to the last hair dye that I used that actually dyed all my hair one colour, and looked half decent, purple, maybe not the most sensible colour in the world but at the moment in time I really would just settle for having my hair all one colour without major patches anymore.

hiding make-up free face.. but looovely one coloured hair!

So, I used the Live Color XXL, Shake It Up Colour Foam, in 499 Violet Berry Burst if you're wondering. I had never used this formula before, although that make in particular is the only that has worked properly for me, and actually does leave my hair in relatively nice condition, considering I've just dyed the hell out of it. Literally the only thing I can complain about with regards to this product, is the fact that it's very messy, very very messy, as it's a foam that you just scoop out of the Tango Ice Blast type container. Having said this though, my hair is mostly back to a full colour, slight hints of orange are showing to be honest, but I can definitely cope with this state for a while.

Just a little side note, I usually need two sets of hair dye to cover all of my hair, as it's rather long and relatively thick, so I did buy two of the Live Color XXL dyes. But surprisingly I only needed one and all of my hair was covered.

That's all I think m'dears!
Cheerio until next time, love you lots!

p.s. sorry that the pictures are very bad, but I hadn't planned on writing a blog post about this if I'm being honest, little bit of an impulsive one this.
p.p.s there are no pictures for the products themselves as if you follow the links then they are shown there.

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