Monday, December 03, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Hello sweetheart!

This past year I have been very very impressed with Revlon's lip products (with the exception of their lip stain, bit of a let down), and I thought it was about time to mention my new love.

Although I only have two of these products at the moment (Honey and Crush), my collection will soon be expanding, just as soon as pay day rolls round again!

I am absolutely in love with them, but to be honest when I first brought one I was dubious about how long they would stay on my lips. So I did a bit of an experiment and turns out a blooming long time for a product that basically acts like a really really pigmented lip balm.

The pigmentation is amazing, and it smells like mint which is always a plus!

They are perfect for all times of year, A/W because they are super hydrating and S/S because you can either build them up for a more intense colour, or just leave them as a sheer wash of colour.

CRUSH <3 (my fave)

pretty pink with shimmers

deep vampy plum

oooooh so pretty!

Anyway, I lalalalalove them and 100% recommend them!
Ridiculously good price, and amazing value for the high-street!
Hope you enjoyed this post gorgeous; 
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p.s. what do you think of this product? I'd love to know :). 

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