Tuesday, December 11, 2012

top 5 fave Christmas "things"!

Hello lovelies!

I have been a poorly girl the past few days, however (ever one to look on the bright-side) all this being snuggled under a blanket at home has make me feel insanely Christmassy.

So, this post has no real point... at all! But I just thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite things about Christmas :).

The Nativity Play!
I absolutely love going to see little school nativity plays, this year is Ember's (my little sister) first one and she is going to be a beautiful little angel :). I think it's a mix of the adorable child acting, the cute costumes and beautiful Christmas story that just makes my heart melt into a Christmassy mess. This year however, I am a completely heartbroken big sister, I will be in Ireland when Ember does her play, so I've made Mum promise to record every second! 

Christmas Films! 
There's really no explanation needed for this favourite, who doesn't have a few films that they have to watch snuggled up with the fam on the cold winter nights. For me, they are definitely Jingle All The Way, a classic from childhood, the same can be said for Muppet Christmas Carol. Love Actually on the other hand, is a new Christmas obsession for me, only started this as a tradition a few years ago but has quickly become a big part of Christmas Eve.

For me, Christmas officially starts when I can walk into either Starbucks or Costa (I'm not fussy!) and  get a Peppermint Hot Chocolate or Honey Comb Hot Chocolate. 

Christmas Trees! 
Much like Kevin in Home Alone (comment if you get the reference ;)), Christmas isn't right without a Christmas tree. Not only is it where all the presents go and the fam sits around in their jim-jams in the morning, it's a family activity to put all the decorations on. Which brings me onto my next favourite...


Now, our tree (as you can see above!) never really has a theme as such, never really looks like an amazing amount of time has gone into it nor is it ever colour coordinated. But each decoration is loved and has been collected over the years and because of that it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I look over at it :). 

What are your favourite things about Christmas time?
I'd love to know!
See you next time, keep warm and snuggly beautiful;
Beth xoxo.
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