Monday, October 08, 2012

Barmy about Balmi!

Hello my lovelies!
How are you today?
the cute, ball-like lip balm that fits snug as a bug on your keys :)
Just a little review for you today, much in line with the change of weather happening before our very eyes!

As I'm sure you know, unless you've been living in a cave (...actually, especially if you live in a cave!) that autumn is very much upon us and winter fast on it's tail. And while if you know me at all, you'll know how unbelievably excited I am about this, it does bring sad news for one part of the anatomy. The lips.

Although they are soon to be blessed with the wonders of hot chocolate and Christmas kisses, they will suffer from the chilly weather!

I recently invested in the product "Balmi" from Boots, in Strawberry.
I'll be honest, I mainly brought this product because I thought the name was adorable and I was feeling like a bit of a change (I'm normally faithful to my dear Carmex). But boy oh boy I'm glad I decided to switch it up.

It tastes and smells gorgeous, and a feature that I first thought was cheesy and rather unnecessary has turned out to be very helpful; the key chain. Now, when I first realised that was what the small bit of string was for, my first thought was "why on Earth would you need that? who is reaching for their keys and suddenly thinks oh my gosh I need lip-balm(!)". Well, I apologise greatly makers of Balmi, it is very convenient! You always have your keys, and I used to take my Carmex with me in my make-up bag, which I'm not sure about you, but I don't always have that with me.

Unfortunately though, I do have one, and only one, complaint about this product. Although on first thought the fact that the bottom (which connects to your keys) pops out can be seen as an advantage, you get every single bit of product out of it. And the sheer amount of product alone is something to be credited. This does provide a massive downside, if you're bag is full of useless items that you in no way need in your life, like mine, and you often find yourself scratching around in the bottom off it (wading through the useless crap) for your keys, you grab them and pull them out, guess what happens to the Balmi? The bit of string and the end come out fine, the balm however (now somewhat exposed as the bottom is in your hand) is left rolling around free.

Having said all of this, the balm itself, along with smelling yummy, is super moisturising, without being a touch on the greasy side like some lip balms. It goes on amazingly under lipsticks without effecting their staying power.

Overall I would give this cutesy little product a big ol' thumbs up, I highly highly recommend it, especially if you suffer from dry lips as it really is a must-have product for this winter.

That's all from me today folks,
Love you lots and lots, Beth :) xoxoxoxoxo.
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