Monday, January 21, 2013

50 facts!

Hello gorgeous! 
I won't ramble on for too long as this will definitely be quite a big post; 50 facts about me :)!

1. I'm 18
2. I live in the East Midlands in England
3. I'm currently going to college and doing my A Levels 
4. I hate it but I don't know what else I would be doing if I wasn't doing them
5. The thought of finishing college scares me
6. I'm quite immature at times 
7. I have a stupid amount of teddy bears considering my age.. currently on my bed there are ten teddy bears and I have no plans to ever get rid of them
8. I have an extremely lovely boyfriend (he is sat next to me and forcing me to include that... I do love him though :3)
9. I can't have the same hair colour for more than about 3 weeks without getting bored of it
10. After a conversation with a lovely girl in my local Lush store I want to start using Henna hair dye
11. I love peppermint tea
12. I'm a vegetarian 
13. I think Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Miranda and American Office are the bestest things on telly!
14. I cannot cook to save my life but I can bake (so when I eventually move out I won't starve but I will be huuuuuge!)
15.  I'm 5ft 2"
 16. My boyfriend is 6ft 2" which makes us look like a cartoon couple
17. I have to wear socks to bed or I can't sleep
 18. I don't care how old I am I will still read Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Ballet Shoes 
19. I have one tattoo and do plan to get more
20. My tattoo is a quote from Little Women
 21. I have four doggies; Lola, Henry, Maggie and Ruben
 22. When I'm all grown up I would love to be a youth worker 
 23. Because I've only ever really lived in small little towns I want to move to a city where things actually happen
 24. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite film closely followed by Hercules 
25. Me and the boyf are planning to go on our first "Grown Up Holiday" as I keep calling it
26. My mum and dad are separated so I spend my time flitting between both houses (oh and usually the boyfs house too!) meaning nothing is ever organised
 27. I think Mrs Browns Boys is painfully unfunny!
 28. Shows like NCIS and CSI used to fascinate me but now they just scare me to death
 29. My favourite animals are penguins and dogs
 30. The one thing I actually really like about myself is my eye colour 
 31. I can't walk in heels
32. I can't drive 
 33. I don't intend to drive
 34. I mostly wear leggings and baggy long tops and creepers/Doc Martens/Uggs
35. I have quite a few weird phobias 
a) birds
b) capital letters where there shouldn't be
c) people in costumes (as in the big foam things where their eyes are like in the mouth)
d) bare feet
36. I'd rather be big and eat cake than skinny and eat celery  
37. I want to travel as much as possible
 38. Sometimes I forget how old I am (18) and that I am technically an adult
39. Snow is my favourite weather
 40. Winter is my favourite time of year (Christmas, New Year, Birthday)
41. I want to learn how to knit but I know it will frustrate me
42. When I was younger I wanted to be a vet until I realised I would have to cut animals open
 43. My dad calls me "Princess" and "Blondie"
 44. When I was younger my nickname was "Spud" and occasionaly "Spuddlyboofles"
 45. I love Jelly Tots
 46. I love Pepsi Max but I'm trying to cut it out!
 47. I work in Boots, it is my first job
 48. Chris Packham (Google him if you don't know him) terrifies me
 49. I desperately want my own place so I can decorate it, because I'm split between houses I can't really justify decorating my room again
50. I keep all cinema tickets/train tickets/ribbons from birthday cake (I have the last 5 years) etc. on a pin board in my room

There you go gorgeous! 
50 facts about me, I hope this has helped you get to know me a little better
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxo
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