Friday, January 04, 2013

birthday wishlist!

Hello you gorgeous thing! 
I am insanely excited, in a matter of (currently 8) days, I will be an official, fully-fledged adult! That's right, I'm turning 18! 

Anyway, as I have had a stupidly long day which has consisted of meeting the boyfriend for breakfast (we had tea and scones, it was ridiculously cute!) and then sitting and not moving from my computer doing college work all about murder (ooooh jolly...), I wanted to get excited about something.

With that in mind, here is my birthday wishlist; some items I know I'm getting (as they are a prezzie from me to me) and some I will just endlessly dream after...

1) My Tattoo!
Now obviously I can't whack in a picture of this amazing tattoo that doesn't yet exist, but you all know what tattoos are. My tattoo is (hopefully, I'm going to see a lovely lady about it tomorrow) going to be a quote on my arm that I'm going to get done on my birthday morning. So if you're interested in seeing that, make sure to be following me on twitter (@LookLifeBeauty), as I'm sure to be tweeting all the way through it! 

2) M.A.C lipstick! 
I've filled and emptied the online basket in MAC more times than I can count and never been able to push that button, have you seen the prices?! But always in the basket are two lipsticks; Creme D' Nude and Brick-o-La, I just love them! 

3) Illamasqua highlighter!
Specifically, Gleam in Aurora. I genuinely do not have the words to express my feelings for this product, Google it, it's gorgeous!  

4) Comedy DVDs!
I haven't brought DVDs in so long, just because £10 is a lot to spend all at once for something that lasts maybe 2 hours and I won't want to watch again for at least a week. So anything with Sarah Millican, Jon Richardson, Russell Howard, Greg Davies, David Mitchell or Miranda Hart and I'm happy!

5) A nice meal out with the family and boyfriend!
Unfortunately this won't be happening this year, my big brother will be off back at uni and my mum will be working... But I am going to compromise, breakfast out with dad, lunch out with my boyfriend and a night in with my mum!

Do you get as excited as me about your birthday? I just think it's the best day (minus Christmas)!
Fancy making an extra birthday wish come true early and giving my twitter/blog whichever you fancy, a follow? I promise to love you forever :)
Beth, xoxoxo 

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