Monday, January 28, 2013

another Apocalips review!

Hello gorgeous!
I'm sure you'll have seen a million and one reviews of the new Rimmel products, Apocalips but I figured as I went a little crazy over them I should put my thoughts out there!

not amazingly accurate colours here so see the picture below!
The five (yes, five, don't give me that look! they are too pretty!) colours I picked up were 101 Celestial, 600 Nude Eclipse, 400 Big Bang, 301 Galaxy and 500 Luna. But first, I'd like to take a quick look at the packaging, wowzers! It is amazing, the colour you see in the tube is the actual product which I think is quite cool and the top of product is shaped like a rock/asteroid kind of tying in with the apocalypse theme I suppose. 

a more accurate view of the colours!
The swatches above are literally just from dabbing the applicator onto my skin, so you can see how pigmented the product is! I also wanted to wait until I had a chance to try out most of the colours all day, so I could comment on their durability and I can honestly say I was shocked *in a very very good way!*. I won't lie and say oh my goodness they stayed on perfectly all day, they didn't, but they stayed on for hours without smudging or fading and when they do fade they fade evenly so it doesn't look obvious. 

At the minute they are on sale in Boots for £5.99 and they are on 3 for 2 along with all other Rimmel products, (hence how I justified buying so many...) and I highly highly recommend picking at least one up. Celestial is probably my favourite just because I love the pale pink shade for everyday.

Have you brought any?
Are you planning on?
I really do love them, Rimmel honestly have some amazing products!
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Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxoxoxo


  1. I need to find these and buy Galaxy and Luna!! x

    1. Every time I've worn Galaxy I've received compliments, seriously recommend! x

  2. I love the first two from right to left :)

    Great Post

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