Monday, January 28, 2013

Lush! it's.. well.. lush!

Hello lovelies!
I went to Lush a few weeks ago, one of my absolute favourite shops, and I had a nice chat with one of the girls in there. To be honest I normally try to avoid talking to the assistants, not in a horrid way, just because they are always so lovely and make me feel like I should spend so much more than I can justify!
But, this time I wanted to know more about the hair care range in Lush, I've been in and looked at them countless times but it seems a little overwhelming!
After a quite long chat and a lot of smelling products and messing about with the solid shampoos in the little bowls of water (I know it's a simple thing but I do love the fact that you can try out the products in the store) the lovely lady gave me some samples of the three products I fancied and that she thought would help my extraordinarily damaged hair. They were a pre-shampoo treatment (H'suan Wen Hua), a solid shampoo (Trichomania) and a conditioner (American Cream). 

The pre-shampoo treatment is the product I was most skeptical about, the lady I was speaking to said that it should last up to 6 washes *so you put it on your hair before shampooing, leave however long you can, I usually leave it for around 20 minutes, wash it off and continue with your hair care routine and you shouldn't have to use it again for 6 washes*. I honestly did not believe her, the treatment is amazing there is no doubt about that, I could tell that after using it for the first time, my hair felt stronger immediately and it really does last around 5 or 6 washes so you get so much product for your money!

Trichomania did really surprise me, firstly I have never used a solid shampoo before but I will never go back now, it's amazing and you get so much more use out of the product. I have used my sample now about 5 times and honestly there is hardly any difference. It smells amazingly of coconut, not the fake kind of coconut smell in most "coconut scented" products, but a real coconut smell (could I have said coconut any more? COCONUT!).

Now, the conditioner.. I wasn't disappointed in it, it is a good product, but it didn't seem as amazing to me as the other products. I think it may be because the pre-shampoo treatment was already doing so much, I don't feel I need it. But it does work wonders and make your hair super-duper shiny which is amazing for me seen as mine is as damaged as can be.

So there you have it! My recent Lush loves..
Have you tried any of the Lush hair products?
What do you think?
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  1. I love LUSH, especially Curly Wurly and Blousey shampoos, though they clog my drain, Jumping Juniper solid shampoo and Jungle solid conditioner. Never heard of the pre-shampoo treatment, sounds like I need to buy one when I go next month.
    Following your blog :)
    Do drop by when you have time -

    1. ooh I'll have to try out those, I really am loving the solid shampoos, such a cool idea
      the pre-shampoo treatment is amazing, you should definitely have a look :)!
      thanks for the follow, I've followed you back, you've got a lovely blog :)