Wednesday, January 02, 2013

my 2012...

Hello gorgeous, I don't know about you, but I loved 2012, to be honest I'm quite sad to see the back of it, but hopefully 2013 will be even better :). 

So, I thought a nice way to see in the new year would be to give all you lovely people a little summary of my year...

 we started off the year with a new addition to the family, this is Lola enjoying the snow in our garden

 by far my favourite candle of the whole year, brought this ma-hoo-sive Yankee candle in the January sales and it's still going *barely* as I type this

definitely the highlight of my 2012 was this boy, Thomas; I do love this boy rather a lot... please excuse the lack of decent photos...
blurry but an amazing night :)
in April me and my Mum went to see the amazing Steps on their reunion tour, first gig I ever went to was Steps, the second was Rolf Harris, I was a cool child! 

 this year I've been blessed enough to go on two college trips; Ireland and Poland



Giants Causeway 
in the summer my and the family went on holiday to Bournemouth

then with the colder months come; Halloween! better Starbucks drinks! and me shopping like a crazy lady because... I got a job!

ooooooh isn't she cute?! this is Lola around Halloween time eating jelly because she is stupidly spoilt...

December brought my favourite yearly tradition, the Clothes Show Live... ooft... 

now let the winter/Christmas photos commence... 
Christmas jumper!

I <3 wrapping Christmas presents 

my fave Christmas present (from Thomas)

from work for the festive season

"be happy"

Have you had a good 2012?
If you have a blog and have done a similar "round-up" post then leave it in the comments :)
Lots and lots of love (and of course best wishes for 2013), Beth xoxoxo
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