Saturday, January 19, 2013

my first tattoo experience!

Hello there gorgeous!
I'm not sure if you know but I turned 18 recently and for my birthday I decided to get my first tattoo.

I must admit my mum wasn't thrilled with me getting a tattoo. Although both my parents have tattoos (mum has one and dad has so many I don't even know!) my mum was concerned that I will regret it, something would go wrong, it would hurt too much or I wouldn't like where it is.
However my dad, since I was around 16 I think, has always been of the mind that I am an adult and can make my own choices. I think he has always believed that because we are so similar and he knows that I don't make rash decisions. I must give him some credit actually he helped me finalise my design. 

I decided I needed to make the design myself because it would be easier than going to a tattoo parlour and trying to explain what I wanted and paying extra for them to design it. I just used word because I have zero artistic talent, with a picture I took from Google Images of bird outlines, printed it out and gave it to the artist once I'd decided on a place. I rearranged the quote to be on two lines (just taking out the "and") because I knew I only wanted it to cover a *relatively* small area so for work etc. it can be covered.

Anyway here it is!
1 day after, still healing and scabbing hence the kind of bumpy look, it will be smooth soon :)

where it is actually on my arm
Pain wise, I wouldn't really say it was painful, probably about a 4/10. It's more unpleasant than anything. Plus I picked a chubby area of my arm (well, chubbier it's all chubby!) because I while reading around abut tattoo pain, it seems to be that the closer to the bone/the skinnier the area the more pain.

Oh and it hardly cost anything because my dad knew the tattoo artist, I think it should have been around £40/£50 because it only took about 4 minutes. Weirdly I know that it took a little longer than One Directions new song as that was on the radio at the time!

I would just say, if you're reading this because you're wanting to get a tattoo, just be 100% sure that you are happy to look at it forever. I did draw my tattoo on myself in eyeliner and see if I could live with it.
Anyway, that's it my lovely!
If you have a blog please do leave it below as I always love new ones to read!
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxo!


  1. I am glad that you thought long and hard about it and that your dad respected you as an adult. I had a tattoo done at 18 which was over 10 years ago now and unfortunately it was a rash decision and I have regretted it since. Fortunately its on my back so I don't have to see it. I think its a personal preference that only you can make so go you! And in 10 years time if you don't like it you can always see it as a part of your history or a story (I know I do) sorry to come over all grandma-ish :-)

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  2. yeah my thinking has always been if in 10 years I hate it at least I can look at it and remember my 18th birthday :)
    its good that you can see your tattoo as a part of your history, that's a good way to look at it :)

  3. I had my first tattoo for my 21st :) it's such a lovely way to document the milestone haha :) is there any others you want? What made you pick this? X x

    1. its a quote from Little Women and i just love it :)! I really want "when you smile the sun shines through the clouds" I just don't want to end up with only writing on me, I used to want a scorpion because I like the meaning.. what did you get if you don't mind me asking? :) xx