Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 days catch-up!

Hello there dear!

How are you doing? :)
This is my catch-up blog for the 7 things in 7 days post (thanks to Sprinkle of Glitter). Okay then I can feel this is going to be depressing if I've done none of them...

1. Organise
This has been done to some extent, I still have outstanding work to do for college... But it's now all in pretty piles on my floor...

2. Exercise
Well, just to make myself sound a little bit better, I'd just like to point out that I did say I wasn't going to predict miracles with this one! I have walked the doggies a lot more, so in my eyes I think I'm classing this one as a win, a little bit is better than nothing :).

3. Read
Not going to lie, this I have sort of, kind of, not really, but a little bit, done. I brought a new book the day after I posted the last blog, a book that I'd seen in a haul video, The Polaroid Book. Yes I am well aware that there is no reading involved in looking at pretty polaroid pictures, but I've got a new book that I lalalalalove so I'm going to say it counts ;).

4. Smart Shopping
I have only brought two things these past 7 days, both not needed, but both in celebration... I got a job! I had an interview on Wednesday, and I now have a proper weekend job. So I spoilt myself a little bit... *The book I just mentioned I'm not including in this, as it was a present from my lovely mother for the job and because I'm off to Poland for a few days next week and so I needed a new book for the plane.* I'm sorry, I know it's bad but they were both lip products, I know I know it's awful after everything I said about "Smart Shopping"... In my defence, they're soooo pretty! And technically they match so it's just good sense that if you get one you have to get the other... There will be a separate blog post on them soon to give you more info :)!

5. Stop with the snacks
I am happy to say that this little task was a full success! Healthy eating is definitely the way forward!

6. Charity trip
Done and done! Yaaaaay :).

7. Catch Ups
All done, it was blooming lovely and to be honest one of the bestest things to do when life is a bit meh, getting an old friend's advice and having a good ol' chat :).

So, that's the whole list (mostly) completed! Rather proud to be honest, seems like such little achievements but it's better than nothing!

Now, I've suddenly gone really really sad and "meh" so I'm off to have a loooong shower *that did say "bath" until I remembered the bath is broken, sad times) and look through my book of pretty pictures :).
Cheerio m'dear! Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxo

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