Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Joining in with Sprinkle Of Glitter's 7 things for 7 days

Hey there honey,

Louise, the gorgeous genius behind these posts!
Like many other bloggers, I am going to be joining in with Sprinkle Of Glitter's "7 things for 7 days" posts.
If by some freak of nature you haven't seen these posts, they're linked above, definitely check them out and join in :).
It's basically just a list of 7 things to do over 7 days (or however long you fancy!) to motivate yourself into sticking with a goal. For someone as useless as me with sticking to one objective, let alone 7, publishing them onto the internet might give me a good kick up the bottom!
Here goes...

1. Organise-
I have zero organisational skills, whether it's home or college. And because of where I am in life at the minute, I'm meant to be organising open days for uni, massive amounts of coursework and preparations for next year. So, this week I'm going to start getting everything organised. I'm sitting just surrounded by papers that I have no idea what subject they are for, but not for long!

2. Exercise-
Much like Louise, I'm not going to be unrealistic and claim that I'll get amazingly fit within the next week. But I can promise to do a little bit more, I can sense that this will be a reoccurring item on these lists. This week (what's left of it) I will do more running, take the dogs out on longer walks and generally not be such a lazy bum!

3. Read-
The subjects that I'm doing at college, do mean that I have to do a stupid amount of reading. So much so that I have stopped reading for pleasure. So this week I want to just start a new book for fun, I have lots and lots lined up, all waiting. I shall pick one tonight and start reading!

4. Smart Shopping-
I do love shopping, and I'll admit when I first wrote this list, item no.4 was "Stop Shopping". However that is just not going to happen... I know, I know that's awful but baby steps people, baby steps. I've changed it to "Smart Shopping", just so that I shop for things that I know I will use a lot, that I've researched first (make-up etc.), clothes that I know I will wear and things that are worth the money!

5. Stop With The Snacks-
This links in with no.2 on my list, I'm not expecting to turn into a size 8 over night, I'm not an idiot that will never happen! But just feeling healthier in myself would suit me just fine. I'm not going to ask for the stars and start a diet, I hate the things, too many restrictions. However I do know that the meals that I eat (as a vegetarian) are pretty darn healthy. So just stopping snacking so blooming much would make me feel a lot better!

6. Charity Trip-
Again, linked in with no.1, I've recently had a clear out of my clothes and lots of them went to charity. Giving things to charity hardly makes me Mother Theresa, but it does make me feel like I'm doing some good! I'm aiming this week, to do the same with all my old books and surely lugging those up to the shops will count as some exercise ;)!

7. Catch Ups-
There's a few of my friends that I've lost touch with, so this is a nice goal for this week. Just catch up with a few of them, I miss them rather a lot and just a cuppa coffee and a chat, I know will make me feel a lot happier. Short 'n' sweet!

If you like the idea of this do pop over to Louise's blog and join in...

Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxo

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  1. I so need to do catch ups more lately :) good post

    Tanesha x