Saturday, June 16, 2012

my little list for a happier you :')

Hello m'dear,

This is the second blog that I'm writing today, it's been a blooming awful day. One of those where nothing bad has really happened, everyone around me has just been a bit blergh, and so now I'm a bit blergh...
Anyway, I had begun to write a "What's In My Make-up Bag" type blog, but I was rambling far far too much and it wasn't going very well. So lets scrap that idea.
So here goes the second attempt, sorry this isn't even a little bit planned but here's my top tips for keeping yourself a little tiny bit happier when you've had a bit of an iffy day....

1.Get the kettle on love!
Okay, so the first thing on my list of "making myself happy" activities (oh god this sounds like a very very different post now, I mean in a completely PG way...) is quite simply get a warm drink. Be it coffee, tea, hot chocolate, one of those weird teas that my parents like that smell like candles *herbal tea, that's the word, I feel silly for not remembering that now...*. I'm not sure how scientifically true it is, I think it was some girly magazine that I read it in, but it said that if your body is physically warm when you're on a date with someone (like if you go and get coffee, ya see where I'm going with this theory?) then you're more likely to connect with them, because you'll associate the physical warmth with warmth towards them! So, my theory, and it does work for me, is that if I'm sad, I'll get myself all toasty warm, and then all the bag negative thoughts don't seem so bad! Very British but a good cuppa tea really does help!

2. Chill!
Second on my list, mainly useful if you've had a horrible day at work/school/anywhere outside of the house where you've had to get all (or partially) dolled up, is just a good old fashioned face mask. My personal favourites are Superdrug's own Mud Masks, they come in tube-full amounts rather than little packets which I do love! A brilliant excuse to scrape your hair back, take off all your make-up with your fave cleanser, get into some joggers and a hoodie and listen to soothing music (or in my case Kill The Director by The Wombats on repeat :D). There's nothing more satisfying than not caring how you look and laying on the sofa in joggers.

3. Hey there pretty lady!
Right then, completely contradicting myself here but, here's an alternative if you don't want to look like you've made no effort and slob around for a few hours. This tends to work for me if I'm just about getting over an illness; get all dolled up! You don't have to go out, you don't have to be doing for someone special, just make yourself look as gorgeous as you want to. Try out that bright pink lipstick you've been dying to but have been a bit scared how it will look, if it looks horrific you're only inside the house, who's going to know? ;)

4. I'll make the popcorn!
This is now back to the whole slobbing around idea, it is a very obvious one, Disney/cheesy/girly/funny/just plain bad movies (or telly of course), whatever floats your boat. My personal favourites are Jeremy Kyle, Hercules, Hancock, Breakfast Club and Clueless. This one doesn't really need to be said to be honest, but I figured for the sake of being thorough I should include it!

5. Run girl run!
Next is for more of a, not wanting to wallow, wanting to give that nasty sadness a kick up the bottom! And the item on my list for that kind of mood is short, sweet and simple, get on your joggers (gosh that seems to be my answer to everything, I don't wear them that often I promise!) and go for a ickle run. Not one so massive that you want to sleep straight after and ache in the morning, just one big enough to get your endorphins jumping about your body and make up for the fact that you've been a slob and laid on the sofa with a face mask on watching crappy films...

6. Tidy room, tidy mind!
Along the whole, kicking sadness in the behind train of thought, one thing that helps me a helluva lot is just tidying up my room, sorting out my bag, cleaning out old make-up, taking stuff to charity, selling it on Ebay. Basically get rid of all your old junk, clear out negativity from your room and it will go from your mind :). Cheesy but true.

7. Happy happy people!
I'm really sorry, this blog was meant to be finished and posted last night when I started it, however quite conveniently Louise (Sprinkleofglitter) and Zoe (Zoella), both Youtubers and bloggers, did a Blogtv so I got a little distracted. However it does provide quite a good little link to my next suggestion. Surround yourself by people that make you happy be it people on telly, YouTube, friends, family. Anyone who makes you smile, for me that's my best friend, my Mum and Dad, and lots of different YouTubers :D! Very specifically for this, it only works for me if they aren't pushy people that will try to cheer you up, it needs to be those people that automatically make you smile.

8. Window shopper!
Now this one depends very much on you, it does involve a shopping trip. I'm hardly the richest girl out there, I would say I am certainly broke for the vast majority of my life, however I find great joy in window shopping. *If you don't please do just skip to the next paragraph!* For me, wandering around clothes shops, book shops, make-up shops, jewellery shops, having no intention of buying anything is fine. I'm not saying go and take away the shop assistants time asking questions when you have no intention of buying a product or item. But strolling around Boots swatching pretty new colours or walking around Waterstones reading the back of 10000 books, is a really really calming activity. I know some people would get saddened by this because they aren't going to buy any of the pretty or interesting things, but I prefer to think of it was forward planning for a time when I actually do have money! This also works just as well if you've already completed the other tips on this list and you're laying in bed with a laptop, no make-up on, and just making wish-lists on Ebay and Topshop...

9. Soak in the scenery!
Kind of connected to no.5 on this list, go for a walk. I'm sure this will get your endorphins pumping a little bit but that's not the point, the point is to clear your head. It's all very well doing every other item on this list, they will help cheer you up. But there's nothing like going for a walk, when you're in the mood of just blergh and you don't know why, a walk is just the thing to put everything into perspective.

10. So long Mr Rut, I won't be seeing you any time soon!
This final tip is one that works wonders for me every time, and one that I'm doing right now in fact. I've been in a bit of a rut lately, so I started this blog. This tip is just to start something new, doesn't have to be skydiving or skiing. Could be re-painting your room, making a collage from bits of magazines (that is awfully fun...), learning to bake, starting a blog. Do something, I'm clearly not knocking the idea of mooching around in your scruffiest clothes (as several of these tips have shown), but when you're done doing that, do something new.

Well then chick, I do hope at least one of these has helped you, if you've got any little tips I'd be very very keen to hear them! I do now have a Twitter for this blog (@LookLifeBeauty) so tweet me, leave a comment :)

lots and lots of love, keep smiling xoxoxoxoxox

p.s. I will do a beauty type post soon, promise :)

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