Tuesday, June 19, 2012

my evening of procrastination

Hello honey pie!
This is going to be a uber uber speedy blog today, as I'm meant to be writing about the Irish Home Rule Movement, ahh procrastination is amazing isn't it!
So here it is, my mini blog of procrastination, where I tell you how to procrastinate like a pro!

what my evening has consisted of...
Today I've been on a college outing of sorts, as I do a Law Btec along with my A Levels, I have to actually spend some time in a court, so that's what we did. I'll tell you something, it is sooooo dull. Don't get me wrong I love Law, but court is so horrid, telly is mean and makes you think it'll be all exciting. Take it from me, telly lies!
When I got home, I felt I'd really earned a bit of a treat, so that's exactly what I got.
I've had a shower, used up all the lovely bath products my mum had laying around (shhh...), and then started my own little pampering sesh from the comfort of my bed!

Firstly I used Johnson's face care dreamy skin night face wipes- ooft they are lush! After that had got rid of all the yucky make-up off my face, I used Simple moisturising facial wash, followed by the purifying cleansing lotion. So my face was as smooth as a ickle baba's bottom!

Then comes the loooovely bit, Superdrug's own Cooling Face Mask, it smells like you want to eat it, provided of course that you like cucumbers. And that's how I'm sitting now, typing this up on my pink net book, staring blankly at a book about the Irish Home Rule Movement, I can honestly say I know nothing of Ireland apart from Dublin and Guinness. Ooooh I have no hope of getting any work done tonight...

But, if you're in the same situation as me at the moment, tell yourself what I constantly tell myself. If you don't make yourself relaxed and at ease, you'll never be able to do any work anyway, you'll be too tense and stressed out for anything to get done to the standard it should be!

I think that's what I'll tell my History teacher when she asks for this work in... "Sorry Miss I couldn't do the work, I was far too tense and I ran out of face masks!". I'm sure she'll understand ;).

That's it from me folks, just nipping in to say don't procrastinate! Unless you have a totally valid excuse like me...
Lots and lots of love! Beth xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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