Monday, February 04, 2013

Liebster Award #2!

Hello gorgeous! 
The lovely Angelica nominated me for another Liebster award! 

*you can see the first Liebster Award post here
(I have been nominated by @robyn2311 -twitter- also but at that time I wasn't following any other bloggers that I hadn't already nominated with less than 200 followers to tag so I just answered the questions on her blog as a comment)

11 facts! (becoming increasingly difficult to think of new ones!)
1. My eyes and my bum are my favourite things about myself
2. I have decided what I want as my next tattoo (blue rose on my foot)
3. I only really started enjoying make-up in the last year
4. I believe in ghosts 
5. I used to hate twitter with a passion but lately I've become obsessed
6. I'd love to be more adventurous with my make-up but I'm impatient and never have the time
7. Every year I go to Bournemouth with my family and it's one of the highlights of my year
8. I love train journeys when I'm alone, it makes me feel grown up
9. I bite my nails but have far too many nail varnishes
10. I love Domino's pizza
11. I'm agnostic 

Angelica's questions!
1.What do you blog about?
Beauty products and my not-so-interesting life
2.Why did you start writing a blog?
I'd been reading them for ages and just decided that there was no harm in giving it a go
3.How do you keep your blog post planning organized?
I don't... I know it's bad but I'm in my last year of college so that takes up most of my time, I tend to do lots of posts on a Monday though and release them through the week
4.What is your favorite beauty product?
Revlon ColorStay Foundation, I love it!
5.What are your favorite apps for the iphone? Or Your favorite website? 
I don't have an iphone, I'm an Android gal' but really I just use blogger, facebook, twitter, youtube, usual suspects. I do have a slight obsession with card game apps though 
6.What is your all time favorite food?
Cherries at the minute
7.What is your favorite color?
Changes all the time but lately I really like aqua blue
8.Did you design your blog If not who did? (Layout,Header, everything)
My blog has no fancy design, I don't understand technology enough to do that
9.What are you reading at the moment?
Wuthering Heights and lots of school books
10.What's your favorite place to buy clothes?
Charity (thrift) shops and Topshop
11.Where do you see your blog next year?
I don't know to be honest.. Hopefully with a lot higher quality posts and more of them seen as I won't be in education anymore. But as long as I keep posting I think I'll be happy with it :) 

Who I nominate!
I only have 3 nominations, but I figured because they are all amazing bloggers it was worth doing!
Chantel from Glitz & Gaming
-this lovely girl hasn't been blogging for a very long time but writes such lovely posts (and has gorgeous nails!) and I really think she deserves more followers! 
Steph from Luck Of The Golden Touch
-simply gorgeous, her blog always has amazing pictures and I just love the way she writes!
Kimberley from kimberley-xxx 
-absolutely gorgeous, lovely way of writing, and just a really really talented girl!

Questions for those nominated! 
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Which 3 blogs do you enjoy reading most?
3. What did you want to be when you were younger?
4. Do you think you'll always carry on blogging?
5. Favourite thing about blogging?
6. Least favourite thing about blogging?
7. Are you superstitious? 
8. Favourite drink?
9. Favourite animal?
10. Do you wear make-up everyday?
11. If you had to live your life by one quote what would it be?

Thank you again to Angelica for the nomination!
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxoxo
p.s. do you have a blog? leave it below and I'll check it out
p.p.s. fancy following this blog? it makes me do this :D
twitter- @looklifebeauty


  1. That was really sweet, Thankyou! I'm going to do this now! xxxx

  2. it's no problem! I look forward to seeing your post :') xxxx

  3. I nominated you back hahaha! You can check it out here -