Monday, February 11, 2013

first impressions count-- Effaclar Duo

Hello lovelies!
I've done a little bit of shopping recently *slaps wrists and sobs over spending-ban* and so I thought I'd give you my first impressions on some of the products I got!
First up is the much raved about La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo.

I'll be honest I wasn't planning on buying this, let alone two of them, but they were on offer! Which, I know is my justification for everything, but it was a really good deal. At Boots the whole range is on 2 for £15, and considering the product itself alone is around £13, it felt silly not to buy it!

When I first picked up the box (and located the English writing, which was a challenge!), and read what it claimed to do- "pores are purified, imperfections are reduced. Skin looks clearer and smoother...", I had to have it! Who wouldn't want any of that?

When I brought it, I wasn't sure how I would use it, what it would really do for me, or even why I really wanted it realistically.
But based on first impressions alone I am impressed. I've been using it before make-up and after taking my make-up off at night.
Although I can't see any major effects at the moment, it feels like it's doing good if you know what I mean? Sometimes I use products and it just feels like they are sitting on my skin and not doing much, but with this it really does feel like it's getting in there and having a nice effect.

So there we have it! 
I will be doing a updated review on this product when I've used it a little more!
Have you tried this product? 
Would you like to see more first impression posts? 
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Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxoxoxo
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  1. Sounds good. I need to treat my skin. I have neglected it lately, may have to check this out. Chantel xxxx

    1. I've neglected mine recently, need to force myself to buy more skincare rather than make up! Beth xoxo

  2. I've never heard of this brand or product, but it sounds good... :) Maybe I'll try it when I finally use up my Lush products (read: actually use them)!

    New follower via #bbunch tag on Twitter :D

    1. I've not heard of the brand apart from through this product to be honest, but I really am loving it :)
      naww thank you for following! I've followed you back, your blog is amazing! don't know how I've not come across it before! xoxo

  3. I bought these on the two for £15 deal too! The first night i put it on I thnk I was a bit too over enthusisatic..... it felt like my face was BURNING haha.

    Looking forward to see results!

    Love Zoe x

    1. wowzer that doesn't sound good! haha luckily no burning yet but I'm not convinced its doing enough to be worth full price!
      I'll check out your blog now, :)
      Beth xoxo