Thursday, February 28, 2013

lately I love #4

Hello lovely!
Time for another lately I love! Bit of a different one this time, in that it is not beauty related, it is however, fashion related... very loosely!
Comfy shoes!

my purple Uggs and lovely Topshop slippers! 

I know some of you fashion conscious ladies (and men) out there will be recoiling at the sight of my bright purple Uggs, and to you I say it feels like a hug for your feet! To be honest, when I just nip up to the shops, I don't care what I have on my feet, comfort is key.
With the weather being as poopey as it has been in England recently, very cold and bitter, looking nice has definitely kind of taken a back seat for me.
This has basically meant me living in either my slippers (brought by my lovely boyfriend) or my Uggs.
Are you a sucker for comfort or a slave to your heels?
I know I'll always lean towards comfort!
Lots and lots of love, Beth xoxoxo
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